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Everypony by fr33z3dry

I find this to be highly hilarious.This is pointing out a common phrase that EVERY one in the cartoon says yet no one ever noticed that...


the Ghostly Resistance.tif by Chibipikagirl
the Ghostly Resistance.tif
Tyree; the leader of the resistance who wishes to take betrayus out of power so the ghosts can make peace with the pacworlders. He is the 23 year old son of President spheros.he became a ghost when a female spy working for his uncle betrayus grabbed him before she herself was ripped from her body.He was only 9 years old at the time of his "death" so his ghost was left to fully mature to adulthood in the nether realm.

Prisma; the witch/ doctor of the resistance.she is the creator of artificial  pac worlder bodies the members of the resistance use temporarily in pacworld. she uses a spell that converts the ectoplasm of a ghost and solidifies it into a fleshy form rendering the ghost "alive" for a short period of time. she is also a possible love interest for tyree.she is 21.

Citrine: the 19 year old daughter of a member of the resistance.

Marlow, Margret and Margo: the youngest members of the group.they are the 14 year old triplet daughters of betrayus. Margret is the eldest and the only one who inherited her father''s fire based abilities. Margret is also the heir to the throne and the leader tryree hopes to replace betrayus with when they over throw him.Marlow is the middle child and Margo is the baby of the three.

Pippin: the 23 year old son of Buttler and is the personal servant of the triplets along with being an old friend to Tyree.He is older than tyree by two months.he became a ghost by sneaking into the machine to be with his father.

Cooper; a young Cyclopes of 19.he is humiliated by his much larger, crueler brothers who make him ware a dog collar and mock him as being a "dog". cooper is younger and immature than citrine and the two often argue.Cooper may have hidden feelings for citrine.

Jet; a 16 year old normal ghost who is oddly small for his age.

Tyree,Prisma, Citrine, Marlow, Margret, Margo, Pippin, Cooper, and Jet::iconchibipikagirl:
We Are All Mad.... by Chibipikagirl
We Are All Mad....
....but not as mad as Rabbit!Ssynthia right now. does not help that  Hare!Ebone is enjoying her mate's fluffiness way too much.

Ebone: and I thought I was suppose to be the MAD hare.

Ssynthia; Ebone....SHUT UR MOUTH!

Pythephone; Daw~ what a cute white rabbit!*picks ssynthia up and nuzzles her*

Ebone; *falls on her back* AHAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT IS PRICELESS!!!!!

Ssynthia:.....your so sleeping on the sofa tonight Ebone.

Pythephone, Ebone, and Ssynthia::iconchibipikagirl:
Froyo by Chibipikagirl
I made froyo, the twin sister of my fursona Custard the Triceratops baby for my DA twin :iconsugarbabyskulls:
Hunter Spring by Chibipikagirl
Hunter Spring
Hunter is the son of springtrap. in my fanfiction spring trap and purpleguy are different personalities but share a body.

I figured springtrap unlike goldie malfuntioned and was out in the back room where years later the purple man comes and climbs into him causing spring's malfunctioning spring locks to kill the man inside. springtrap does not like being he bad-guy but is forced to kill by the purple man who possesses him.

Hunter is built to be a five year old and is on he magic stage with craig as his helper and he sometimes tells kids spooky stories.

eros by Chibipikagirl
I decided to make an animatronic based off my sister. Eros is the younger sister of cupid.

Eros and Cupid ::iconchibipikagirl:


Chi Chi Tianshi
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i am short, fluffy and i am a lovable phyco.
I also like yaoi, yuri,and Mpreg.
I am very supportive of others no matter who they are or what they like as long as they like me as myself.
my DA page is a place of peace and refuge. no flaming or bullying will be tolerated by me, I defend anyone who is looking for someone who is in need of a friend.

Current Residence: My dreams
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: rainbow zebra
Favourite genre of music: don't know......
Favourite photographer: ????????????????????
Favourite style of art: anthro, chibi, and anime
Operating System: ??????????????????????
MP3 player of choice: The one I have?
Shell of choice: sand doller
Wallpaper of choice: Light green
Skin of choice: pikachu!!!!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Lloyd,pikachu,blur,ghostfreak,metaknight,mayuri, celty and so many others.
Personal Quote: You gotta eat rainbows and crap butterflies!

1. Choose one or more of your ocs. (I'm using my OC Ginnie Flint.)

2. Answer the questions truthfully. 

3. Tag.

1. What is your name or a name that you go by?
Ginnie: Ginnie....but by my crew I'm Misstress flint....Cap'n Flint was my father.Those who fear me call me the "angel of wrath" since I appear to look like a REALY pissed off phantom.

2. How old are you? 
Ginnie; a problem with that? KISS MY ARSE,it's young in my species.

3. Do you have a love interest or in a relationship? 
Ginnie: *smokes pipe* tch...who needs love? love is an illusion, a selfish one at that.

4. Have you ever been betrayed or used by someone? 

Ginnie: let's mother was a whore who beat me and used me and my sister as slaves.and my eldest brother was a snot nosed BRAT and a mama's boy who is to this day trying to kill me.the bastard  does not even care that he damn vile woman KILLED our sister for no reason.

5. Any fears? 

Ginnie:.....seeing the rotted, hideous face of my dead with her was hell.also, seeing anything that reminds me of my dearest sister angel makes my pain worse....I do not want ANY ONE to get too close...I want no one else to die because of me....not again. to be honest, my biggest fear is not being able to find where I belong in this universe.....I still ponder over why I exist....

6. Ok enough about that, what's your favorite food or drink? 

Ginnie: roasted Lamb in a sauce of honey, lemon and garlic and a glass of Honey Mead

7: how would you like to spend time with your love interest? 

Ginnie: as I have said.....I have no interest in love.besides.....most mean are intimidated by me.

I tag::iconchameleon123456::iconsugarbabyskulls::iconlonelynightrain:
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  • Listening to: tears of an angel
  • Reading: noth'n
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: roleplaying
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

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