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Everypony by fr33z3dry

I find this to be highly hilarious.This is pointing out a common phrase that EVERY one in the cartoon says yet no one ever noticed that...


Mango by Chibipikagirl
Mango is the offspring of an unnumbered experiment made by jumba when he was evil.Mango's mum got badly injured in a fight and lost blood, parts,and a early birth was the result.jumba then discarded her presumily "dead" mother and kept the pup. after becoming good jumba took her to earth with him.he at first tried to give her a loving home with another Hawaiian family but for now she is happy with Jumba.and, turns out her mum lives.....they where patched up by :iconchameleon123456:'s oc and now wants revenge.Mango not only got her name from her colors but because oddly enough,she was born permenantly smelling of mangos.she also LOVES eating mangos and any other fruit since it's her favorite is unknown what her powers are and she seems to still be a helpless juvenile who likes hanging with "uncle" stitch.

jumb and stitch: Lilo and stitch

Twins by Chibipikagirl
Willow and Willa are the twin daughters of a single father who worked as a day there was a fire that killed their father.even though they fully healed they never got over the shock and became pyromaniacs.Willow (in blue) uses fire that is so cold that it burns while Willa is  walking inferno. and yes,they are creepy pasta child characters.they look bad because I drew them really late at night.

Willa and Willow Wisp::iconchbipikagirl:
Esme by Chibipikagirl
Esme is the bother of Una.she is a Sugar skull unicorn wiyth Lavender cotton candy hair,rock candy horn and hooves,wedding cake dress and decorations made of icing,candy,and edible gold.

Esme and Una::iconchibipikagirl:
hotel Transylvania by Chibipikagirl
hotel Transylvania
a  Oc I made~ Ione is a pooka.A fairy like Irish shape shifter.I did my research on pookas and normally they apear as either Horses, Rabbits, and goats and will on some occations take form of a,for her look I gave her goat hooves and horns, horse mane and tail,rabbit face and ears and a humanoid body.

she works as a maid for the hotel and if i highly important guest comes and they did not bring their own butler she is often left to wait on them hand and foot. as a shape shifter she can turn into any living creature and even go as far as mimicking people.however she CAN NOT change her voice nor her skin and eye color so if she disguised herself as can still tell her from drac.

I do not own Hotel Transylvania but I do Own Ione
Una by Chibipikagirl
wanted to try fusing concepts together. so I took candy, Unicorns....and sugar skulls and mixed them into this lil cutie~ not sure...WHAT to have her role as yet........but i'll think of something. Basicly EVERYTHING on her is made of some form of candy (her body is sugar,hair is liquid candy, hooves are rock candy, accessories are various candies and her back is saddle/saddle bags are made of cake.the cupcakes are functional saddle bags.*

Una: :chibipikagirl:


Chi Chi Tianshi
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i am short, fluffy and i am a lovable phyco.
I also like yaoi, yuri,and Mpreg.
I am very supportive of others no matter who they are or what they like as long as they like me as myself.
my DA page is a place of peace and refuge. no flaming or bullying will be tolerated by me, I defend anyone who is looking for someone who is in need of a friend.

Current Residence: My dreams
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: rainbow zebra
Favourite genre of music: don't know......
Favourite photographer: ????????????????????
Favourite style of art: anthro, chibi, and anime
Operating System: ??????????????????????
MP3 player of choice: The one I have?
Shell of choice: sand doller
Wallpaper of choice: Light green
Skin of choice: pikachu!!!!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Lloyd,pikachu,blur,ghostfreak,metaknight,mayuri, celty and so many others.
Personal Quote: You gotta eat rainbows and crap butterflies!

1. Choose one or more of your ocs. (I'm using my OC Ginnie Flint.)

2. Answer the questions truthfully. 

3. Tag.

1. What is your name or a name that you go by?
Ginnie: Ginnie....but by my crew I'm Misstress flint....Cap'n Flint was my father.Those who fear me call me the "angel of wrath" since I appear to look like a REALY pissed off phantom.

2. How old are you? 
Ginnie; a problem with that? KISS MY ARSE,it's young in my species.

3. Do you have a love interest or in a relationship? 
Ginnie: *smokes pipe* tch...who needs love? love is an illusion, a selfish one at that.

4. Have you ever been betrayed or used by someone? 

Ginnie: let's mother was a whore who beat me and used me and my sister as slaves.and my eldest brother was a snot nosed BRAT and a mama's boy who is to this day trying to kill me.the bastard  does not even care that he damn vile woman KILLED our sister for no reason.

5. Any fears? 

Ginnie:.....seeing the rotted, hideous face of my dead with her was hell.also, seeing anything that reminds me of my dearest sister angel makes my pain worse....I do not want ANY ONE to get too close...I want no one else to die because of me....not again. to be honest, my biggest fear is not being able to find where I belong in this universe.....I still ponder over why I exist....

6. Ok enough about that, what's your favorite food or drink? 

Ginnie: roasted Lamb in a sauce of honey, lemon and garlic and a glass of Honey Mead

7: how would you like to spend time with your love interest? 

Ginnie: as I have said.....I have no interest in love.besides.....most mean are intimidated by me.

I tag::iconchameleon123456::iconsugarbabyskulls::iconlonelynightrain:
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: tears of an angel
  • Reading: noth'n
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: roleplaying
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

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