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Everypony by fr33z3dry

I find this to be highly hilarious.This is pointing out a common phrase that EVERY one in the cartoon says yet no one ever noticed that...


Robot gal by Chibipikagirl
Robot gal
thi is what happens when I get bored and draw while listening to simon curtis' fell in love with an android.she is a robt programed with her entire inside is exactly like that of a human female know mechanical and stuff.she is 21 years old.

more 5naf OCs by Chibipikagirl
more 5naf OCs
Gin:  Gin was foxy's loyal and wise-cracking side kick.she was always ready to make sarcastic comments just to jest with foxy.she LOVED to be close to the children and feeling their warm,when the bite of 87 happened and fixy (following the foxytheory here) bit the child,she has horrified finding out she would no longer be allowed to be embrased by the little ones.Foxy,even with his broken jaw tried to go to her and beg for her forgiveess but in a fit of  anger she screamed in a mournful wail and slashed him across his chest befor retreating to her own corner in pirate's cove. avoiding foxy and te others.she is still angry that she as put out of use for some one else's blunder.she was in perfect condition but now she lays rotting in the dark.she does ot stuff the player into a suit rather like apple,he charges the player and scares them making them loose power.while apple does it in a more playful way,when she strikes she attacks giving a terrifiying and angry scream.she does nt trust any one realy anymore since she is no longer abe t do what she loves.

Mabel: way before the bite of 87 there was another animatronic known as mabel the bunny.she was programed to be bonnie's "daughter".she would stand next to her father (or mother if you prefer female bonnie) with a little fake wooden guitar and sing along with her papa/mama, auntie chica, and uncles freddy and foxy.she was built to be the size of a 11 year old and besides back up singing,she would play with the children and draw with them.however, a malfunctioned happed to the spinal segment of her endoskeleton and she just stopped working one day.every one thought she was 'dad" and just left her in a secret locked closet that bonnie would go to very night and scream in agony at.what they don't know is she is "alive" still.she canot move not make a sound at all, but her eyes and hearing till look and when someone does gin the closet her eyes will give a desperate glow that is always shrugged off and the person leaves being creeped out.some how,she was able to hack into the monitor system so she will reach out to the security guard via audio and video (by making her face flash on screen and say either "" or 'I papa..." over  over along with having a camera quickly scan to view the door of the hidden closet in hops the player makes a connection and comes for her and gets her fixed.she restores yur power by 0.(so if you are down with only 20 percent of power she will boost you to 40 after her messages play)

will you be the one to wake Mabel?

all characters: five night's at freddy's

Gin and Mabel::iconchibipikagirl:
Forever Alone by Chibipikagirl
Forever Alone
while kisses has her brothers and the other gals have their fathers, cake has no one.all her siblings are dead, her mother is forever sealed away and the gorilla who raised her died when she was 7.the demonic monkey is all alonedoes her to be happy infront of those she knows but, she is raining on the inside.

 twin masters, the zebra bros,camel king,monkey king/ ape truly, lin chung, jumpy,parrot king and high roller::hero108:

Juniper,Kisses,pastel, Truffles, Mei fen, bon bon, lemon drop,buttercup and Cake::iconchibipikagirl:
Kawaii Free by Chibipikagirl
Kawaii Free
I drew free in one of my most favorite styles in japan called "kawaii"(kawaii means "cute".)

Free and art::iconchibipikagirl:
Skull Gum's Hero 108 Persona Design by Chibipikagirl
Skull Gum's Hero 108 Persona Design
:iconskull-gum: asked me for help with a design for a hero 108 persona for herself and I have to say,i never drew a sloth before and I had fun.I was not sure what to call the fluffy sloth so I just labeled it as "skully" but skull-gum, she is yours to name~just in case it is hard to see, in the bottom right corner I drew a very light sketch of my persona cake glomping "skully" saying fwuffy~


design and cake::chibipikagirl:


Chibipikagirl's Profile Picture
Chi Chi Tianshi
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i am short, fluffy and i am a lovable phyco.
I also like yaoi, yuri,and Mpreg.
I am very supportive of others no matter who they are or what they like as long as they like me as myself.
my DA page is a place of peace and refuge. no flaming or bullying will be tolerated by me, I defend anyone who is looking for someone who is in need of a friend.

Current Residence: My dreams
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: rainbow zebra
Favourite genre of music: don't know......
Favourite photographer: ????????????????????
Favourite style of art: anthro, chibi, and anime
Operating System: ??????????????????????
MP3 player of choice: The one I have?
Shell of choice: sand doller
Wallpaper of choice: Light green
Skin of choice: pikachu!!!!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Lloyd,pikachu,blur,ghostfreak,metaknight,mayuri, celty and so many others.
Personal Quote: You gotta eat rainbows and crap butterflies!
(Note: Oblivion Rose is the remake/ replacement of my older alicorn reiya.this RP is for friendship.  someone else who dated the original reiya still has claim to Oblivion rose so please no romance unless you are the owner of reiya's former lover.)

Celestia was not te only one with students, many years ago before her banishment Luna too had a student, but her relationship with her's was was the bond of Mother and Child. Luna one evening upon a flight near the dark forest heard wailing.  just out side of the forest still covered in fluids was a newborn foal, an alicorn foal. Luna was stunned, there where not many alicorns that where simply born an alicorn.Luna fell in love with the deep blue foal and named her "Oblivion Rose".for years, luna taught Oblivion magic and she kept a close eye on her yet, oblivion seemed only capable of basic unicorn magic....or so she thought.

Plants in the garden where dead and shriveled, animals became sick, and strong structures of stone crumbled as if brittle by centuries of neglect. Celestia knew not what was causing this....until that one fateful day.during a lesson with luna oblivion seemed down and distracted. celestia watched as the young alicorn struggled to use a spell but failed. suddenly she uttered a wail of defeat and frustration and the grass around her withered from the ghostly, cold magic that came from her horn, and soon the cutiemark of a blue rose with ghostly auras coming from it appeared on her flank.Celestia was in shock,her beloved adopted niece was the one causing the destruction. Celestia had to do something to keep her niece's power under control. Luna begged her sister to show mercy and celestia agreed.

they sent the filly alone into the dark forest from which she came. before leaving her behind,Luna left her the simple gift of a silver, collar necklace. Oblivion fell into a deep despair for she despised her power and she only hurt those who came near to her. the only creatures immune to her power where the inhabitants of the dark forest. among the most loyal where the fox-shadow like wisps that worshiped her as their own princess. feeling out casted and afraid of the pain she brought to others she locked her self away in a castle made from thorns of the forest. she became cold and cruel, making sure to scare away any who walked in for her magic could make them fall ill. Centuries later, her heart has long since grown bitter. she is Longing for love and some one to see that beneath her destruction and madness is a scared filly who only wishes to belong in a world of color and warmth.

But who can possibly find love within oblivion?
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