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Everypony by fr33z3dry

I find this to be highly hilarious.This is pointing out a common phrase that EVERY one in the cartoon says yet no one ever noticed that...


the Doctress by Chibipikagirl
the Doctress
The Doctress is a mystery.Some say she is a demon born from the misery brought on by the plague.Some, say she is a dark fairy born from a womb of a corrupt tree of the dark forest. yet others say she might even be an even powerful being, a god of pestilence and one of four beings said to bring the end.But, one thing is true.,...she WILL kill you. Towering at the height of nine feet with blood red claws, and a mouth that when ripped open on her seemingly mouth-less face, will seep a toxic gas killing her victims in a flash with a whole new,unknown plague dubbed "the scarlet plague" for all that is left is a mangled, red mess.

the doctress::iconchibipikagirl:
Sphene by Chibipikagirl
Sphene is the tallest out of my gem OCs.her gem is located on the back of her neck and turns into a bladed fan.she is very quiet and speaks very rarely. she is basically a gentle giant.

Sphene: :iconchibipikagirl:
The Night Crawlers by Chibipikagirl
The Night Crawlers
Madame Hive: the eldest of the gang of three female hybrids.She is a noble woman born to a mortal  and a Witch.Her entire appearance to based on the bumble bee.she have an average height with a very curvy body.

Parvana: second eldest gang member. she is the Female Buttler of Hive Manor who is a Hybrid of a mortal and a fairy. Her entire is based off of a butterfly. She has a tall build with a very athletic body.

Lace; the youngest of the gang.She is the maid of Hive manor and is the offspring of a mortal and a demon.her attire is spider based. She is of short and scrawny build but is still a grown woman.

Madame Hive, Parvana, and Lace ::iconchibipikagirl:
new!Cameron Boggs by Chibipikagirl
new!Cameron Boggs
Name: Cameron Boggs

Gender: Female

Family: Randall Boggs (younger twin brother)

Body: is a foot shorter than Randall and has a heavy set build compared to his.

eyes: sky blue

Scales: pale purple with dark purple markings.

Abilities: unlike her brother she CANNOT mimic her surrounded to become "invisible".her colors only change WITH HER EMOTIONS (ex: purple is her normal calm self, blue is sad, red is angry, pink is love, green is envy, grey is sick,yellow is happy,orange is startled)

Personality: laid back, hyper, friendly, some what pervy (with jokes), VERY creative, optimistic, holds a bit of that child-like wonder,bit of a anime/manga nerd, book worm, game geek, over all honest and approachable person unless provoked (if provoked....RUN SHE WILL GET YOU!) protective and loving to family and friends.

M.U.;she is a happy, bubbly monster hoping to get her degree in art in hopes of becoming an animator.she only joins the scare class as an extra class since her brother begged her to join him.Like Mike, she was not that scary (at least when she tried).the only time her cheerful exterior features is if someone angers her by messing with her beloved brother or her friends.then, you in her angered state you can see how much of a "monster" she can be when she chews your ears off with her venom like words.

Most of her life, Cameron and Randal have been like two peas in a pod.but during the events of the movie Cameron is saddened to see her brother betraying who he really is and the two get into a full on argument during the major issues in the movie which result in their close relationship falling apart at the seems leaving Cameron alone.

Monster's Inc: she achieves her dream and becomes one of the most known animators and story writers in the monster world.she one in a while runs into her brother and they do exchange some words and by the way some of them go Cameron had regain some hope of rekindling their relationship.but sadly,aftewr the vents of monster's inc Cameron's hope was shattered when her brother was banished.she still is the friendly monster she always was it's just she has become a bit of a shut in over the years.

Voice: Katie Perry

Theme: Unconditional by: Katie Perry

Randall Boggs: Monster Inc

Cameron Boggs::iconchibipikagirl:
the Weeping Willow (I can't draw ships) by Chibipikagirl
the Weeping Willow (I can't draw ships)
Name: the Weeping Willow

Crew Name: the Devil's Daughters

Captain: Buffy

size: is about the same as the thousand sunny

purpouse: pirate ship/ trvel vessal for refugees who's homes were ruined/ hold for major criminals.(cells where from back before buffy was a pirate.the ship use to be a marine vessel and buffy was an experiment made to be used as a marine controlled bounty hunter but after finding out that she was actually some one's baby stolen and turned into a monster rater than a genetically created freak she escaped and became a is unknown WHAT she no uses the cells for but some say when she defeats a rival crew she takes them and ditches them is unknown if the rumors are true.the ship was remodeled into a pirate ship after buffy stole it and formed her new crew.)

thousand Sunny: one piece

Buffy, the Devil's Daughter, the Weeping willow ::iconchibipikagirl:


Chi Chi Tianshi
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i am short, fluffy and i am a lovable phyco.
I also like yaoi, yuri,and Mpreg.
I am very supportive of others no matter who they are or what they like as long as they like me as myself.
my DA page is a place of peace and refuge. no flaming or bullying will be tolerated by me, I defend anyone who is looking for someone who is in need of a friend.

Current Residence: My dreams
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: rainbow zebra
Favourite genre of music: don't know......
Favourite photographer: ????????????????????
Favourite style of art: anthro, chibi, and anime
Operating System: ??????????????????????
MP3 player of choice: The one I have?
Shell of choice: sand doller
Wallpaper of choice: Light green
Skin of choice: pikachu!!!!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Lloyd,pikachu,blur,ghostfreak,metaknight,mayuri, celty and so many others.
Personal Quote: You gotta eat rainbows and crap butterflies!

1. Choose one or more of your ocs. (I'm using my OC Ginnie Flint.)

2. Answer the questions truthfully. 

3. Tag.

1. What is your name or a name that you go by?
Ginnie: Ginnie....but by my crew I'm Misstress flint....Cap'n Flint was my father.Those who fear me call me the "angel of wrath" since I appear to look like a REALY pissed off phantom.

2. How old are you? 
Ginnie; a problem with that? KISS MY ARSE,it's young in my species.

3. Do you have a love interest or in a relationship? 
Ginnie: *smokes pipe* tch...who needs love? love is an illusion, a selfish one at that.

4. Have you ever been betrayed or used by someone? 

Ginnie: let's mother was a whore who beat me and used me and my sister as slaves.and my eldest brother was a snot nosed BRAT and a mama's boy who is to this day trying to kill me.the bastard  does not even care that he damn vile woman KILLED our sister for no reason.

5. Any fears? 

Ginnie:.....seeing the rotted, hideous face of my dead with her was hell.also, seeing anything that reminds me of my dearest sister angel makes my pain worse....I do not want ANY ONE to get too close...I want no one else to die because of me....not again. to be honest, my biggest fear is not being able to find where I belong in this universe.....I still ponder over why I exist....

6. Ok enough about that, what's your favorite food or drink? 

Ginnie: roasted Lamb in a sauce of honey, lemon and garlic and a glass of Honey Mead

7: how would you like to spend time with your love interest? 

Ginnie: as I have said.....I have no interest in love.besides.....most mean are intimidated by me.

I tag::iconchameleon123456::iconsugarbabyskulls::iconlonelynightrain:
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: tears of an angel
  • Reading: noth'n
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: roleplaying
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

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