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Everypony by fr33z3dry

I find this to be highly hilarious.This is pointing out a common phrase that EVERY one in the cartoon says yet no one ever noticed that...


my Fursona is not so furry by Chibipikagirl
my Fursona is not so furry
so fursona is basically a baby triceratops named Custard.....

Catscratch oc and semi persona by Chibipikagirl
Catscratch oc and semi persona
Honey lemon is a catscratch oc based on what I think i'll be as a cat, a Japanese bobtail.Honey Lemon is a kitten that was abandoned and Asti takes her in as her kite and rice and bean are like her aunts.

Asti,Honey Lemon, Rice,and Bean ::iconchibipikagirl:

NOTE: the doodles on the bottom was made by my pal :iconswerves:
Final!Ginnie revamp by Chibipikagirl
Final!Ginnie revamp
Name: Ginnie Flint

age;120 (equals out to a 20 year old human woman)

Gender: female

Eyecolor: red

hair and skin:white (Ginnie is ALBINO!)

Family: Vivian (mother,deceased) Peter (older half brother) Angel (older half sister, Deceased) Lucky John ( older half brother) Finn (younger half brother) Nathanial Flint( father, Deceased)

Personality: Silent, Serious, Cold,Lone-Wolf, Head Strong, Pateint, Sweet-tempered and playful towards those who she knows and care about,Protective, In sever emotional pain depite her cold outer expression.

Bio: born From Vivian Nova, a greedy con artist who tried seducing Captain flint by getting pregnant with his child,Flit was wise to her trick and left but left a Gold compass as a clue to his unborn child.Upin seeing a new born ginnie,Vivian was disgusted that she gave birth to another defective offspring.(when she was young ginie was very weak, and her elder ister Angel was born blind o angel's twin brother peter was pretty much spoiled rotten while the two where treated poorly.)

despite having a cruel mother and older brother, Ginnie's blind sister Angel was her only hope and the only person she loved in the entire day, while cleaning and throwing out boxes of junk from the attic Ginnie came upon the old Golden Compass.iside she founf a ruff engraving in it saying "I am sorry to leave you alone with the wench,if you found this compass you are one step coser to your destiny." Ginnie egan hiding the compass on her person and it gave her an odd sense of somfort.

One day, while peter was out Vivian was drunk off wine and started beating ginnie while laughing and ginne dropped the compass fell out.Vivian saw it and became angry and grabbed the fire place poker calling ginnie ungrateful and a theif.Angel jumped in the way and took a blow to the head that killed her on the spot.horrified a that happened,she glared at Vivian as she continued beating the corpse and ginnie shoved the drunk woman back makingher stumble and fall out a window to her death.peter saw this and screamed as ginnie ran.

she was founf in a gutter in a fetal position by Briath Benton,a colorful parrot like alien who was the first mte of a unknown pirate cptain.hearing her story he brought her back to the ship where she began working as a cabin day,the captain of the ship saw her compass and when h asked her where she got it from ginnie said "my father left I for me, he said it will help me find my way." unknownly to ginnie,the captain reconized the copass as property of nathanail Flint, and ater seeing her work so hard he took her under his ing and taught her everything he knew about fighting and life on board a pirate ship.

Many years later,The captain died aboard the ship as it was istid by navy.(turns out,peter joined the navy to hunt down and kill  his sister even after vivian's death was ruled an accident as an act of defense) Braith then came to ginnie with the captain' will.The will stated Ginnie would inheritate all his riches ad that the captain had also reveiled her pirate Lineage.using the money ,she buys a new ship called "the scaret phantom" and now sails with brenton and a new crew to find her fellow brothers born fromm Captain flint.

Lucky John::iconEward-Smee:


Daughters of Lyric by Chibipikagirl
Daughters of Lyric
These are the two, young twin foals of Lyric.Lennix is the Eldest and Lapis s the youngest  lapis can be shy while her twin sister can be overly bold.their father is unknown and their mother Lyric hides them away from wizeman since she  is a rebel.

Lyric,Lapis,and Lennix::iconchibipikagirl:


Chi Chi Tianshi
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
i am short, fluffy and i am a lovable phyco.
I also like yaoi, yuri,and Mpreg.
I am very supportive of others no matter who they are or what they like as long as they like me as myself.
my DA page is a place of peace and refuge. no flaming or bullying will be tolerated by me, I defend anyone who is looking for someone who is in need of a friend.

Current Residence: My dreams
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Print preference: rainbow zebra
Favourite genre of music: don't know......
Favourite photographer: ????????????????????
Favourite style of art: anthro, chibi, and anime
Operating System: ??????????????????????
MP3 player of choice: The one I have?
Shell of choice: sand doller
Wallpaper of choice: Light green
Skin of choice: pikachu!!!!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Lloyd,pikachu,blur,ghostfreak,metaknight,mayuri, celty and so many others.
Personal Quote: You gotta eat rainbows and crap butterflies!
Ok, so I heard from down the vine of this virus here on DA called "Heart Bleed".this virus waits for you to Log out so when you try to Log back in, it wreaks havoc on your DA profile.So if any one finds something wrong with my profile or some one else's keep this warning in mind.I am not sure if this is a rumor or if it is a truth so I am not trying to condone a panic.I am just merely warning and advising people to just be aware. I thank you all for taking the time to read my message, and hope you have a nice and safe time here on DA.
  • Mood: Apprehensive
  • Listening to: Diary of Jane
  • Reading: noth'n
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: roleplaying
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: grape soda

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(this is before they got married and had their child, you know Andy and Wendy)
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